The benefits of working with a cashback platform

Cashback is becoming an increasingly familiar concept within affiliate marketing. Many large advertisers are now using this marketing channel. Webshops advertise on cashback platforms to draw attention to their offers. In this article we explain why this channel is becoming increasingly popular among advertisers.

How does advertising via a cashback platform work?
When consumers shop online through a cashback platform, they earn a portion of the purchase amount back. Consumers who want to make a purchase with cashback first search the platform’s website for interesting deals from affiliated advertisers. Often these cashback deals can be combined with discount offers or discount codes that can also be found on these websites. The consumer then clicks on the Affiliate link to the online store where they proceed to purchase. After the purchase is made and approved by the advertiser, a commission is paid. This is often a percentage of the purchase amount but in some cases can also be a fixed amount. The cashback platform then adds this amount to the personal digital piggy bank that is integrated into the platform. The consumer can have the saved cashback paid out in various ways.

What are the benefits for an advertiser?
Collaborating with a cashback platform has several benefits for an advertiser. Research has shown that discounts and cashback generally have a positive effect on consumer buying behavior. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they can save. The platform Shopbuddies has built a European database of 8 million loyal members who regularly make a purchase with cashback. Many members visit a cashback website daily to find new cashback deals and to track the progress of their cashback credit. Discount offers and discount codes from advertisers are promoted through the platform. Which leads to increased visibility, traffic and conversions. A big advantage for an advertiser is that traffic through the affiliate link is free. In fact, you only pay commission when the consumer has made a purchase. Conversions are generally higher than through other affiliate programs because cashback encourages purchases.

Paid advertising through a cashback platform
In addition to placing a free affiliate link on the platform, OrangeBuddies Media offers various advertising opportunities. Due to the large and detailed database in which we have collected valuable customer information, we can make targeted offers through various channels such as the website (banners and top lists), mailings, social media and our own cashback app. For more information, we refer to the various mediakits.

Start with a test period to experience the results
Are you as an advertiser not yet convinced of the benefits of cashback? We are happy to meet with you to discuss your goals. It is for example also possible to start a short test period. After evaluating the results you can choose to continue or end the cooperation. Please contact us at to discuss the possibilities.

Who is Orangebuddies Media?
OrangeBuddies Media specializes in cashback websites and loyalty concepts. Our goal is to provide added value to both consumers and advertisers. Thanks to specific targeting capabilities, we help advertisers achieve their marketing goals. The labels within OrangeBuddies Media include ShopBuddies, CashbackKorting, LadyCashback, Scoupy, Seniorenvoordeelpas and iPay.

benefits of a cashback platform

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