Orangebuddies Media and Scoupy are collaborating!

Both companies have been added to Cashback Holding from DEGIRO founders Niels Klok and Jasper Anderluh and Ohpen founder Erik Drijkoningen. The aim is to become the largest cashback community in Europe.

The intention is that we continue to operate separately. Orangebuddies will focus on the online cashback market (webshops) and Scoupy will focus on the cashback promotions at supermarkets and shops. But we do already set up a collaboration. A number of the online cashback deals from OrangeBuddies have been added to Scoupy’s offering. You can find them in the Scoupy app and website under the ‘webshops’ section.

It was time to get acquainted and see how we could learn from each other. The teams met at the office of Sniptech and APC in Amsterdam Zuidas for a presentation and a get-together.

Scoupy meeting

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