OrangeBuddies Group is restructuring!

What is the difference between mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and  takeovers? - QuoraOrangeBuddies Group is restructuring! From 01-09-2022 OrangeBuddies Media International B.V., Casforce B.V., CasConcepts B.V. and Relevant Rewarding B.V. will cease to exist as a consequence of a legal merger with OrangeBuddies Media B.V. For everyone that is working with one of the companies of OrangeBuddies, please be aware of saving the following company information in your administration:

OrangeBuddies Media B.V.

Deventerweg 1C

3843GA Harderwijk

The Netherlands

VAT: NL820651990B01

Registration number: 08193515

IBAN: NL05RABO0144311909


From 01-09-2022, only invoices will be accepted if the right company name is written on the invoice. If you need to pay us an invoice, please be aware of the correct IBAN number.

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