Big new for our label Shopbuddies: As of today the best cashback conditions in the market

ShopBuddies is an online shopping platform, available in ten country’s that provides the highest cashback on your online purchases. If you visit the website of ShopBuddies in your country, you can click on one of the links of the affiliated webshops and make a purchase. ShopBuddies then pays a portion of your purchase amount back. For this you must be a member (free) of ShopBuddies. The Shopbuddies members can even get more discount with discount codes and special promotions. The connected webshops on ShopBuddies indicate whether there is a discount code or special action available.

We are always busy behind the scenes to improve the conditions for the members of ShopBuddies. Therefore, we have made a major change in our conditions: you can now request a payout immediately if your purchase is approved by the advertiser and no longer have to wait until we receive the payment ourselves!

All benefits at a glance:
– Shopbuddies members benefit from extra fast payouts
– Members never have to wait 60 days anymore until a transaction gets the ‘Payable’ status
– Members can have the cashback paid out at an approved balance of 1.00 or more

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