Black Friday: Grab your opportunities!

Black Friday, which takes place on November 26th, is coming close! This year offers and extreme discounts already started days before the famous shopping Friday. Multi (channel) shopping is popular this Black Friday. While we are looking for the best deal in a physical store, we also compare and buy via our smartphone. A user-friendly mobile interface is therefore a must for webshops.

At Orange buddies we make it just a little bit easier and more fun for the customer. Collecting deals gives them quick access to their favourite stores and our platforms give the customer an extra incentive to shop even more. That makes shopping your deals even faster accessible and it contributes to achieving your marketing goals for this important commercial day on your marketing calendar.

OrangeBuddies Media can advise you regarding the use of the ideal (combination of) marketing channels with which to target the right audience for your products during Black Friday. In every country in which we operate, we have access to detailed user data. With the help of segmentation, any advertiser can effectively reach out to their target audience. Our presence in eighteen countries all over the world is another benefit for retailers who operate in multiple countries. As a result, it is now also possible to set up Black Friday marketing campaigns on a global scale.

Like to know more? Give us a call and we will discuss your opportunities!

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