OrangeBuddies Media launches cashback in Portugal

OrangeBuddies Media has again extended its reach in Europe further with the launch of in May 2017. Portugal, like many other European countries, is a growing e-commerce market and with an increasing number of e-shoppers, it forms a potentially lucrative market for cashback and loyalty. Over 35% of the Portuguese population (around 8.7 million in La Repubblica and Metro

This week the largest newspaper in Italy, La Repubblica, published an opinion piece about the developments and trends in the world of cashback. OrangeBuddies Media, which is operating in Italy with cashback website, has been interviewed for this piece due to its position as the largest cashback specialist with the an international reach. The

OrangeBuddies launches cashback website in Norway

OrangeBuddies Media has taken its first steps in Norway with the launch of the cashback website. Now Norwegian consumers can also receive cashback every time they shop online and earn extra income in various other ways. Expansion to Norway further extends OrangeBuddies Media’s coverage in Scandinavia, and thus the whole of Europe. Following Sweden,

Launch CashbackDeals in Denmark

In November 2016 OrangeBuddies Media has launched its first cashback website in Denmark. With added to our cashback shopping concepts we are now offering cashback in 16 countries worldwide. Denmark, with an ecommerce worth 13.84 billion euros in 2016, offers a lot of potential for our cashback website. Danish consumers receive cashback when shopping

OrangeBuddies launches cashback in Czech Republic

In 2016, OrangeBuddies Media further implemented its international cashback strategy by entering various new markets. We recently extended our international reach to the Czech Republic with the cashback website. As in all the other countries in which OrangeBuddies Media is active globally, the Czech cashback website was developed entirely in-house by our own technical