New record Singles Day 2017 for OrangeBuddies cashback websites

Singles Day 2017 has achieved a new record for the number of purchases via cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media worldwide. On 11 November, the number of cashback purchases was nearly 3x higher than in 2016. The total order value of the purchases has also tripled and the average, this year, has increased to €11.32 per in La Repubblica and Metro

This week the largest newspaper in Italy, La Repubblica, published an opinion piece about the developments and trends in the world of cashback. OrangeBuddies Media, which is operating in Italy with cashback website, has been interviewed for this piece due to its position as the largest cashback specialist with the an international reach. The

OrangeBuddies launches cashback website in Norway

OrangeBuddies Media has taken its first steps in Norway with the launch of the cashback website. Now Norwegian consumers can also receive cashback every time they shop online and earn extra income in various other ways. Expansion to Norway further extends OrangeBuddies Media’s coverage in Scandinavia, and thus the whole of Europe. Following Sweden,

ShopBuddies 100% cashback shopping concept

This week OrangeBuddies launched its first 100% cashback website, called ShopBuddies, in the Netherlands. The cashback website, formerly known as ShopBuddie, has been completely restyled and undergone a name change. ShopBuddies is the first Dutch 100% cashback shopping concept which allows clients to sign up completely free of charge and charges no additional fees for

OrangeBuddies 2016 annual report & 2017 prospects

Fresh in 2017: a review of 2016, a year in which OrangeBuddies Media achieved a +50% increase in revenue – just as in the preceding year. We have entered various new cashback markets, experienced an exponential increase in membership, developed successful new cashback modules, and launched branding campaigns with advertisers and brands. An achievement of

OrangeBuddies launches cashback in Czech Republic

In 2016, OrangeBuddies Media further implemented its international cashback strategy by entering various new markets. We recently extended our international reach to the Czech Republic with the cashback website. As in all the other countries in which OrangeBuddies Media is active globally, the Czech cashback website was developed entirely in-house by our own technical

New: Compare food boxes

Food boxes that allow you to serve the most delicious meals quickly and easily are a trend that has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the Netherlands. The food boxes – for example the AllerHande and Mathijs food boxes – are delivered to your doorstep without you having to set foot outside. Want to

Nike & Cashback – Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign has been started on the Italian cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media, and, in collaboration with advertiser Nike. A Facebook campaign with the aim of branding the Nike label was developed, which promotes the interaction of the Facebook fans of these cashback websites with the brand. Sports brand Nike and

35.000 affiliated cashback webshops in 2020

By 2020, cashback specialist OrangeBuddies Media will be working with over 35,000 webshop partners worldwide. Throughout the next couple of years, several thousand more webshops will be added. These are OrangeBuddies Media’s predictions, based on the growth during the past couple of years and its expansion to new markets. Thanks to significant expansion of the

New: Earning cashback with Online Panel

An additional opportunity for cashback members of OrangeBuddies Media’s cashback websites to earn money: Online Panel. In May 2016, a new international module was launched in partnership with Novio and CINT. Across the whole of Europe, OrangeBuddies members can now earn cashback by completing online surveys. Consumers who are members of one of OrangeBuddies Media’s

Shopping online for a health insurance

The health care insurance season has started in the Netherlands. On November 19th all new premiums of the health care providers were announced. The time for consumers to shop online for a new health care insurance, which provides them the right care in 2016 without paying too much. For this year, OrangeBuddies Media again has

OrangeBuddies Media reports growth over 2014 at +200%

The financial year 2014 has just ended and once again OrangeBuddies Media witnessed an amazing increase in turnover. The impressive 200% turnover growth, further expansion into various countries and a substantial increase of the number of members together make OrangeBuddies Media immensely proud of the cashback platform built up in the five years since its