OrangeBuddies 2015 annual report & 2016 forward look

2015 has come to an end and OrangeBuddies Media can proudly look back on a very adventurous and inspiring year in which we once again achieved an impressive +50% increase in turnover. Which factors contributed to this growth in turnover? Moreover, what developments took place in the field of mobile marketing, which was the key trend of 2015? We provide you with a brief glimpse behind the scenes at OrangeBuddies Media. OrangeBuddies Media jaaroverzicht 2015

Growth: Turnover, members and advertisers

A 50% increase in turnover in 2015 compared to the previous year, that growth is attributable to numerous factors. In all countries in which OrangeBuddies Media operates both turnover as well as the number of cashback members increased. We invested heavily in relationships with advertisers. As a result, we established partnerships with new advertisers and intensified relationships with existing advertisers. Additional opportunities in respect of targeting produced better results for advertisers.

Offices: Expansion of branches

In order to better serve the German market OrangeBuddies Media opened its first office in Berlin halfway through 2015. The German, Austrian and Swiss markets are currently served by this office. At the end of 2015, we relocated to larger premises in Berlin due to expansion of the German team. OrangeBuddies Media’s head office in the Netherlands also relocated in 2015. The Dutch team has been working out of the city centre of Harderwijk (formerly Zeewolde) since October. The original magistrates’ court in Harderwijk was converted into office space, while keeping the authentic murals. In addition, a fully-fledged coffee bar was installed. In Barcelona, OrangeBuddies Media’s third office underwent a complete makeover last year, expanding the number of workspaces. This offes the necessary room for further expansion of the team in 2016.

Mobile marketing: Apps launched in 13 countries

One of the most widely discussed trends of 2015 was the rapid development of mobile marketing. OrangeBuddies Media responded to this by launching cashback apps for cashback websites in all the countries in which we operate, no fewer than 13! Use of the cashback apps has been growing rapidly in recent months now that an increasing number of consumers are switching from laptops and desktop PCs to mobile devices. Among advertisers we have seen a growing demand for app installs. Increasingly, advertisers can utilise the services of OrangeBuddies Media via our apps.

New in 2016: Countries, modules, designs, products

In addition to a review of the past year, behind the scenes we have been working very hard on new projects that will be rolled out in 2016. We offer a brief preview below… In the coming year, our focus will be primarily on further expanding our market share in the various countries in which OrangeBuddies Media operates. There is, however, also room for OrangeBuddies to explore new markets. A limited restyling exercise will take place to improve the consistency of OrangeBuddies’ websites in different countries. There are also plans to add new modules to existing cashback websites, aimed at providing greater benefits to our cashback members, and current functionalities will be further optimised to improve user experiences. Developments in the field of mobile marketing are rapidly succeeding each other and as such forms an important agenda topic for OrangeBuddies Media for the year 2016. Developments include further development of existing apps, for example specific content tailored for use on mobile devices. This will further enhance the added value of cashback apps and the channel will extricate itself entirely from the website and continue to operate as an independent channel. Last but not least, a redesign of our corporate website. Modern, fresh, informative… We will provide a further update on this soon!

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