Shopping online for a health insurance

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The health care insurance season has started in the Netherlands. On November 19th all new premiums of the health care providers were announced. The time for consumers to shop online for a new health care insurance, which provides them the right care in 2016 without paying too much. For this year, OrangeBuddies Media again has high expectation as to the total number of health care switchers. And she treats the members of her cashback websites to very special gift when they switch their health care insurance! Online shoppen voor een zorgverzekering via OrangeBuddies Media Right choice health insurance 2016 The offer of health care insurances, the changed premiums and policy conditions don’t make it easier to choose a health insurance. OrangeBuddies Media shows several health insurances on her Dutch cashback websites, together with the rating given by the cashback members. For consumers who want to view the pros and cons of multiple health insurances, we have comparison websites for health care insurances. Switching health care provider
 At the end of December 2014 there was a huge increase in the number of consumers that switched to another health insurance via a cashback website. This is a wellknown trend within OrangeBuddies Media for several years now. Consumers shop more often online for a new health care insurance. Getting the right health care is important, but a good value for money also. When the new premiums for health care in 2016 were announced, the first consumers already started switching. The number of switchers is still increasing, but we expect it to accelerate in the second half of December. Extra benefit health insurance 2016 OrangeBuddies Media offers the members of her cashback websites en extended overview of health care providers. When the members choose to switch to another health care provider, then they will receive a very special gift from OrangeBuddies Media this year. Besides earning cashback we offer free holidays with several health insurances: 8 days holiday to Turkey for 2 people and a 3 days mini-cruise to Northern England.

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