OrangeBuddies Media launches 100% cashback label in 16 countries

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OrangeBuddies Media is launching a new cashback loyalty concept on the market this year. ShopBuddies, the largest cashback community in Europe, has already been launched in two countries this spring – the Netherlands and Belgium – and the concept will shortly be rolled out to another 14 countries in Europe and Australia. OrangeBuddies Media launches 100% ShopBuddies in 16 countries In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany, England and Italy are also getting their own ShopBuddies 100% cashback website. Online consumers can shop at over 21,000 webshops with the highest cashback via the platform. The platform hosts well-known and less well-known national webshops, as well as thousands of international webshops. The product offering is highly varied, from clothing and shoes to holidays and electronic equipment. The key words of the new concept are: 100% cashback, free participation and immediate payment. The concept has existed in the Netherlands and Belgium under the name ShopBuddie since 2009. The revamped ShopBuddies will go live in a total of 16 countries in 2017. Dutch and Belgian consumers already benefit from the highest cashback at ShopBuddies. Millions of consumers have already saved extra money on their online purchases via these websites since 2009 and OrangeBuddies has seen a marked increase in the number of members since the launch of ShopBuddies. ShopBuddies is the fourth largest cashback concept of OrangeBuddies Media, which specialises in the development and introduction to the market of cashback & shopping concepts. Other concepts are: LadyCashback, FashionCo. and CashbackDeals. The latter is the largest OrangeBuddies platform to date, currently active in 16 countries. Expansion into new markets is planned for 2017, with OrangeBuddies Media expecting to reach 20 countries by the end of 2017. ShopBuddies now offers cashback at webshops, but plans to include cashback on products too, starting this year. OrangeBuddies Media has seen a demand from members for comparison of (cashback on) specific products, both in the orientation phase and the decision-making phase. As the largest cashback platform, ShopBuddies is able to offer access to the product offering of thousands of (national and international) webshops. Consumers will thus be able to orient themselves more easily and quickly. In 2016, OrangeBuddies Media achieved a +50% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. Over 900,000 online purchases took place via one of the OrangeBuddies platforms and over 500,000 new members were welcomed internationally.

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