Cashback increasingly important in online Christmas shopping

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Online Christmas shopping is tremendously popular with OrangeBuddies Media’s cashback members. Around 80% is doing some Christmas shopping online in December 2016, with average purchases of €150 per member. These results come from an extensive study of online Christmas shopping amongst 20,000 cashback shoppers in 16 countries. What stands out is the particular role cashback plays in the choice of webshop. Electronics, clothes and shoes, and perfume are proving the most popular this Christmas.  A recent study of the OrangeBuddies Media cashback communities in all countries where the company is active has shown a huge increase in the expected number of online Christmas purchases, with cashback options playing a major role. At least 80% of our cashback members will make online Christmas purchases in December 2016. They highly value receiving cashback. Members compare the cashback at different web shops before making a purchase. Christmas shopping popular on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress While clothes, shoes and electronics are the most popular Christmas purchases in most countries, in France it’s the kids who are spoiled with toys under the tree. In Poland, perfume and personal care products are high on Christmas wish lists. The average Christmas shopping budget is around €150 per person in all countries, with outliers on the high end at €250. From an international perspective, Amazon, eBay and AliExpress are favourite shops for online Christmas shopping. For clothes and shoes, our cash back members prefer to shop at Zalando. Cashback, discounts and delivery times determine webshop choice Cashback shoppers are obviously concerned about a web shop’s delivery time when it comes to Christmas presents, but even more important is the cashback they receive. Cashback on their purchases is, according to the study, so important that it factors into their decision around which web shop to buy from. They compare the level of cashback at different web shops before making a purchase. Discounts, in the form of promotional codes and special offers, that make for a better deal and let them get more for their money are also popular during the Christmas period. The decision around which web shop to choose is made, in large part, based on the availability of cashback, the level of the cashback and any extra discounts. Christmas shopping budgets rise to €250 per person The differences between countries are noticeable in statistics like the percentage of online Christmas purchases in 2016. In countries like Italy, England and Finland, an above-average number of cashback members do their Christmas shopping online. In these countries, around 90% shop online, as opposed to the 80% international average. In German-speaking countries, in addition to delivery times, extra value is placed on the payment methods available in a webshop. Female respondents showed a clear preference for clothes and shoes, while male respondents made more Christmas purchases in the electronics category. Christmas shopping budgets also showed a deviation from the €150-per-person average. Cashback shoppers in Germany, Spain, England and Sweden expected to pay more for Christmas purchases in December 2016, in many cases more than €250 per person. Cashback and Online Christmas Shopping 2016

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