OrangeBuddies leader in Cashback Industry Report 2015

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Recently the first edition of the Global Cashback Industry Research Report was published. A worldwide research of the major players in the cashback industry and the developments, trends and challenges for cashback in the future. OrangeBuddies Media is proud of its listing as one of the global leaders in the field of cashback, with its presence in several countries and its own whitelabel cashback platform. In addition, the Cashback Industry Report 2015 offers interesting insights into the current cashback market and challenges for the future. 2015 Cashback Industry Report 2015 Cashback Industry Report: The research One of the aims of the global cashback research was to provide insights into the extent and impact of cashback on e-commerce, online retail strategies and incentives that entice consumers to purchase online. For this, 235 of the leading cashback players worldwide, including OrangeBuddies Media, were analyzed. The impact of these players is compared with the detailed analysis of the cashback market in areas in which the players are active, including Europe, North America, UK, India, China, Australia, South East Asia and Latin America. In addition, new technologies, innovative concepts, trends and future possibilities for the cashback market are viewed. More cashback, less discount codes and daily deals The study reveals some interesting insights with regard to the rapidly growing popularity of cashback, cashback needs of online shoppers and the increasing share of cashback, voucher and coupon websites within the entire e-commerce market. According to the researchers there is a clear shift from code and daily offer websites to cashback websites. Future challenges lie in particular in the field of cashback integration via the mobile channel. OrangeBuddies Media global leader in Europe The cashback activities of OrangeBuddies Media in the various countries where we operate, are included in the 2015 Cashback Industry Report and have led to the honorable mention of Global Cashback Leader in Europe. In addition to over 18.000 affiliated shops with regional, national and international brands, our own whitelabel cashback platform is also an important part of our business with which we acquired this title.

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