OrangeBuddies expands into Australia

A new cashback website on a new continent for OrangeBuddies Media. At the start of February 2016, OrangeBuddies Media launched, its first cashback website in Australia. A growing market with a high percentage of internet users and plenty of opportunities in the field of online shopping with cashback. OrangeBuddies Media expands into Australia The Australian economy is flourishing, consumer confidence continues to grow and the digital revolution is experiencing strong growth. Australians are embracing online shopping en masse, both via desktop and mobile devices. The biggest advantage for most consumers is the huge reach online shopping offers when they are looking for bargains. Cashback is still a relatively new phenomenon in the Australian e-commerce market. There are few active players in the cashback market, thus little competition. Given the growth experienced by the Australian market, this could change in the coming year. The emerging cashback market in Australia is of interest to OrangeBuddies Media, and this new market offers enough potential to justify entering the market. At the start of February 2016, OrangeBuddies Media expanded into Australia with Registration is free, as is use of the website; there are no obligations for cashback members, only benefits! In addition to cashback for online purchases, CashCoins can be earned for emails, banners, sharing promotions, inviting friends and more. The number of partnerships with Australian and international webshops is expanding rapidly and an app is being developed.

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