Cashback website persuasive in encouraging a switch from health insurance

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During the healthcare season (from November 12th to December 31st, 2021) it is easiest to switch to a new healthcare insurance policy. During this period, potential switchers can compare the 2022 healthcare premiums for all health insurance policies and the new health insurer will cancel the old health insurance policy as a service.

As of 2021, compared to previous years, the highest number of switchers were registered via the Dutch cashback websites. Cashback members like to use a health care comparison website to orientate and then take out new health insurance. And for this year we expect even more!

Would you like to know more? Please contact us. We are open for a collaboration where we can increase the number of switchers to achieve your goals and to help our target groups quickly and easily choose the right health insurer for the upcoming year.

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