Valuable information with 75.000 shop reviews

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OrangeBuddies Media has already gathered more than 75.000 shop reviews on her cashback websites. With these reviews we offer our members valuable information for making the right decision in the purchase process. By strict control and monitoring of the reviews the reliability and relevance is ensured. OrangeBuddies Media verzamelt 75.000 webshop reviews Independent reviews influence purchase process
 Recent studies by GFK into customer reviews (again) show that online shop reviews play an important role in the purchase process. More and more people read reviews before making a purchase. The reviews do not only relate to products, but also shops. The same products are offered by multiple shops, one more famous than the other and the price for the same product varies. In those cases a review often is the deciding factor. OrangeBuddies Media notices that on her cashback websites the reviews are often viewed and affiliated shops that have (positive) reviews are more popular for making purchases instead of affiliated shops that do not have reviews. The benefit of reviews on external websites, like the cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media, is the independence of the platforms which has a positive effect on the credibility of the reviews. User generated content on independent websites is being valued as much more reliable than content created by the shops themselves. Reliability and relevance of shop reviews Writing reviews on the cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media is only allowed to members who have an active account. They can earn cashback for writing a shop review, provided that the review satisfies a number of strict conditions. For example, every review must be substantiated and reliable, the review can not contain inappropriate language and it has to be based on an actual user experience. Commercial links are also not allowed in reviews. The editorial teams at OrangeBuddies Media monitor every review that is written and will reject it if the conditions are not met. This ensures the reliability and relevance of the shop reviews on the websites of OrangeBuddies Media.

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