International redesign OrangeBuddies website

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OrangeBuddies Media’s corporate website has received an entirely new look, emphasising our international character and the aims we have successfully realised over the past few years. With our Cashback Shopping Portals we are now active in 15 countries, reaching out to more than eight million active online shoppers. OrangeBuddies Media redesign website A relatively rapid expansion into numerous countries, combined with the growth realised within individual territories, has made OrangeBuddies Media a fully-fledged, international player in the field of cashback. In excess of eight million active online shoppers are reached through our various OrangeBuddies ‘ Cashback Shopping Portals. Our collaboration with partners and webshops has also been automatically upgraded to a global level. We continue to find an increasing number of links with international, cross-border companies who, similar to OrangeBuddies, operate in multiple countries. The new, crisp design of OrangeBuddies Media’s corporate website better reflects our international approach and the opportunities for working together with one or more cashback portals. By applying the appropriate segmentation, advertisers’ products and/or services are accurately targeted to the intended target group, resulting in higher conversion rates. With the use of portals across multiple countries, the advertisers’ reach is improved considerably. Since the launch of OrangeBuddies Media in 2009, and as the first cashback portal in the Netherlands, the concept has been rolled out in 15 European countries, as well as Australia. To complement the head office in the Netherlands and ensure a smooth global operation, branch offices have been opened in Spain and Germany. OrangeBuddies Media employs over 50 professional staff and owns more than 100 active Cashback Shopping Portals.

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