New head office OrangeBuddies Media

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OrangeBuddies Media, with branch offices in Barcelona and Berlin, has moved to a charming building right in the center of Harderwijk. Since its founding in 2009 the headquarters has housed two locations in Zeewolde, but the ideal pace was eventually found in Harderwijk. OrangeBuddies Media now operates from the former District Court in Harderwijk, where historical wall monuments are a nice contrast to the activities of the company. With its own coffeehouse! The OrangeBuddies team works from the courtroom of the district court, with riginal features including the panorama wallpaper from 1814. For moments of relaxation the building is equipped with a real coffeehouse, also an area with authentic details. Nieuw hoofdkantoor OrangeBuddies Media in Harderwijk Nieuw kantoor OrangeBuddies Media in voormalig kantongerecht Harderwijk OrangeBuddies Media koffiebar in hoofdkantoor Harderwijk

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