Over 10.000 webshops on OrangeBuddies Media platform

With more than 10.000 connected webshops the OrangeBuddies Media platform has become one of the biggest players in the field of cashback. The 10.000 connected webshops are active in 10 different countries, where The Netherlands, Germany, France and United Kingdom offer the largest number of webshops. Dutch favorites: Fashion & Holiday Although the number of fashion webshops still covers the main part of the e-commerce market in The Netherlands, there are also some upcoming shopping categories like online furniture webshops and specialised niches, for example in the Baby & Child category. Purchases from consumers over the last few months significantly show that the fashion category and also the large department stores, such as wehkamp.nl and bol.com, do very well and account for multiple purchases per month. But within the selection of fashion webshops we also see that consumers show a clear demand for innovative, trendy webshops with the musthaves of the season. Besides fashion, online booking of holidays and citytrips is still very popular and the same goes for online insurances which often have more advantages online. Top 10 webshops: Booking.com and Zalando In the surrounding countries the offer of fashion webshops is likewise large, but the consumer has a strong preference for online Telecom, holidays and citytrips too. Webshops like Booking.com and Zalando have a Top 10 webshop ranking in almost each country. Other rankings are mostly for larger webshops, such as eBay, La Redoute, Amazon and Groupon. 10.000+ webshop op OrangeBuddies Media platform 800 new webshops per month As recent research from Thuiswinkel.org shows, the online shopping market in The Netherlands in 2013 was good for almost 100 million purchases. For 2014 an even larger growth has been predicted. The categories Clothes, Telecom and Travel remain the most popular categories for purchases, but also toys and music are growing. Niches like biking and optics are interesting newcomers. OrangeBuddies Media keeps a close eye on these developments and aims for continuous expansion and optimal supply of webshops within her platform. By setting up close relationships with a variety of webshops the consumers choice is diverse and enormous. Per month approximately 800 new webshops are connected to the OrangeBuddies Media platform.

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