Increase in switching health insurance 2015

Cheaper care in 2015 was the main reason for more than one million Dutch consumers to switch their health care provider. Estimated figures of information centre Vektis show, in comparison to 2013, an increase in the number of switchers to another health insurance at the end of 2014. The cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media also show a marked increase and some interesting facts on comparison websites for health insurances. Most people switch at the end of December 2014 Research from information centre Vektis shows that 6,5% of the insured (preliminary estimate) switches to a new health insurance per 2015. A lower premium, switch discount or the option to use a collective discount through the employer are the most common reasons to switch. At the end of 2014 the Dutch cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media show, unlike only a slight increase of which Vektis speaks, a marked increase in the number of members that switched to a new health insurance. In particular the second half of December the increase was huge. Extra discount on care in 2015 In the second half of November all health care providers announce the care premium for the new year and consumers can check the new premium and conditions, but above all compare the different health insurances. The websites of OrangeBuddies Media offer their members an extra switch discount in the form of cashback, besides any discount promotions of the health care providers themselves. For many members a good reason to check how much they can save in total on their care for 2015. In addition to extra cashback OrangeBuddies Media had organised a nice incentive this year for her members. With several health insurances free trips were offered to Turkey and NewCastle. Comparing health insurances popular Where the choice for a health care provider was obvious for the first switchers in 2014, the comparison websites for health insurances were very popular in the last weeks of 2014. Besides comparison website Independer, which is in the annual top 10 of popular health insurance websites of OrangeBuddies Media, also Zorgkiezer was a hit for comparing health insurances. Interesting was newcomer HoyHoy who, despite winning the ‘Loden Leeuw’ for most annoying advertising, obviously established itself in the competitive landscape of health care providers.

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