New release

A complete make-over for shopping website A fresh design and new logo give the website the image that suits an online shopping website in 2014. Besides a new look several new search options are added to the website like searching for products and brands. The new ShopBuddie release offers visitors more than just a one-stop website in their online purchasing process. Inspiration, trends and tips help consumers choosing between products, brands and webshops. has integrated products of several affiliated webshops and the editing team combines these products into trendy collections full of inspiration. For consumers it’s also possible in the new website to search on their favorite brands. When they do, they immediately see the most popular products from the brand chosen and the affiliated webshops that sell that brand. ShopBuddie new release The website has made a huge gain in user-friendliness, but also offers webshops a larger platform for promoting their products among the thousands of ShopBuddie members. OrangeBuddies Media will, in close cooperation with the affiliated webshops, see how the product range per webshop can be communicated towards the aimed target group even better. has a fresh look and logo. The uncluttered homepage shows a mix of webshops, products, brands, discounts and promotions. Through the menu on the top visitors can easily navigate to all elements within the website. » Visit the new website

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