Relevant Rewarding launches international Cashback Loyalty Platform

OrangeBuddies Media will expand its cashback loyalty activities further in a new company called Relevant Rewarding. Koen van der Veer, who previously worked for internationally operating affiliate network Zanox/Awin, will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Relevant Rewarding. Companies, organisations and institutions can increase their membership bases and improve their customer loyalty and ROI with the Cashback Rewarding Platform. The loyalty platform can be customised and is internationally scalable for both mobile and desktop. Cashback Rewarding Platform | Relevant Rewarding It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to retain customers. ‘We are seeing a growing demand from retail and telco, as well as from financial and energy brands for online loyalty systems’, explains co-owner Koen van der Veer. The broad applicability and customised functionalities mean Relevant Rewarding loyalty systems can be used in various sectors and can serve different purposes. Increase the number of returning visitors and loyal customers, and increase engagement with your brand or company. Create new customer profiles, enrich existing ones and influence your customers’ spending habits. Generate extra income for your organisation, whether profit of non-profit, with the loyalty platform. Whereas other loyalty programmes give consumers a selected offering in which the benefits are primarily advantageous to the provider, the Relevant Rewarding loyalty platform offers cashback from virtually all large webshops in Europe. OrangeBuddies Media’s international buying power is harnessed to offer higher cashback percentages within the loyalty platforms. Cashback can be used by a brand or company in various ways. For example, to increase turnover by exchanging cashback for vouchers that can be spent on the brand or company, or free products related to the brand or company. If integrated with a mobile wallet app, the cashback can also be added to the customer’s balance. The Cashback Rewarding platform also offers new opportunities from a data perspective. Whereas companies only measure customer behaviour within their own product categories and channels at present, this application gives them a powerful sales and communication channel. It provides far broader insights into consumer behaviour in respect of online expenditure. Existing customer profiles are thus enriched, enabling a more direct and personal response to the needs and requirements of the customer. Cashback has become indispensable in America and England and is now also starting to become more widely known in mainland Europe, including as a retention tool. ‘The introduction of this cashback rewarding platform allows the confidence in the brand to speak for itself’, according to Koen van der Veer, ‘that will have a flywheel effect.’ With its B2C concepts, OrangeBuddies Media has been growing by an average of 100% per annum for 8 years.

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