OrangeBuddies Media grows 150 percent in 2013

In January we look back on the past year and strategically look forward to 2014. OrangeBuddies Media has realized a growth of more than 150 percent in 2013. Key factors for this growth are the expansion to different countries and the launch of the whitelabel cashback platform. Cashback potential across the borders With over 100 websites in more than 10 countries the strategy of OrangeBuddies Media in 2013 was clear. The affiliate market is still very interesting in The Netherlands, but also abroad lies much potential for cashback and loyalty programs. For OrangeBuddies Media the challenge is not only to launch cashback websites in mature markets like UK and Germany, but also starting in booming e-commerce markets like Turkey and Poland. Engaging in cashback activities abroad has provided a substantial revenue growth over the past year. Investments, in particular, in members growth and further technical development have led to 200 percent more purchases as to 2012 and a total of more than 1.500.000 members. Infographic: OrangeBuddies Media grow in 2013The relationships with merchants and affiliate networks are further intensified in 2013 which resulted in a number of 10.000 webshop partner being connected. With research, clear agreements and a transparant working method OrangeBuddies Media wants to clarify the added value of professional cashback websites for all parties involved. Whitelabel Cashback increases customer retention In The Netherlands we’ve had a strong focus last year on our, in-house developed, whitelabel cashback platform. This Cashback & Shopping system offers companies and associations with different target groups the possibility to easily start their own cashback website. This kind of loyalty responds to the e-commerce growth and strengthens  not only the online position of companies but is also an important means for customer retention. Several sports associations and good causes have been connected to the whitelabel cashback platform in 2013 or have, in close cooperation with OrangeBuddies Media, launched a customized cashback website. Serving cashback shoppers with strategic focus Further technical development of the systems is a continuous process for OrangeBuddies Media, with a strong focus both at improving user experience and optimizing internal efficiency. Integrating new functionalities and (mobil) applications is a key goal for 2014. We’re already experimenting with new cashback modules, which are expected to be implemented this year. Both within new concepts as well as exisiting websites, like NuCash which OrangeBuddies Media has taken over in January 2014. Besides there are also plans to launch the whitelabel cashback platform in other countries. Meanwhile the number of whitelabel partners in The Netherlands is expected to double during the coming year.

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