OrangeBuddies Media reports growth over 2014 at +200%

The financial year 2014 has just ended and once again OrangeBuddies Media witnessed an amazing increase in turnover. The impressive 200% turnover growth, further expansion into various countries and a substantial increase of the number of members together make OrangeBuddies Media immensely proud of the cashback platform built up in the five years since its 2009 launch. Ambitions for 2015 are to further the focus on continued growth, both in the Netherlands and abroad. OrangeBuddies Media groei 2014 Considerable growth in membership and new cashback markets Over 2014, the loyalty market, and cashback websites in particular, per country experienced a stable to even explosive growth. Apart from mature cash back markets such as the Netherlands, Germany and France, other countries including Italy, Poland and Spain have also demonstrated a clear upward trend in the number of cashback shoppers. OrangeBuddies Media’s increased turnover of over 200% partly arises from these new markets, though the number of cashback members in the Netherlands has also risen significantly. The innovative cashback platform that was launched in 2014 catered to a new target group of well-educated online shoppers. In addition to offering cash back for online purchases, the website aims to inspire and tracks the very latest fashion and gadget trends. OrangeBuddies Media also entered a number of new markets in 2014, including Finland and Sweden, thus raising the total number of affiliated web shops across the active countries from 10,000 at the end of 2013 to in excess of 18,000 by the end of 2014. The end of the year also disclosed an excellent care sector season, with the number of Dutch people switching health care insurance via an OrangeBuddies Media cashback website increasing even further. In-house technology creates flexibility and efficiency As well as knowledge and means, entering new markets and increasing membership requires significant technological prowess. Continuous development is absolutely imperative in keeping pace with growth within a rapidly shifting e-commerce landscape. Right from the off, OrangeBuddies Media deliberately chose to develop all technology underpinning its cashback websites in-house and entirely bespoke, with the aim of maintaining full flexibility and efficiency. In addition to further optimising the existing system, 2014 saw a great deal of work done in making the various websites more responsive, launching the App and expanding the whitelabelcashback platform. 2015: cash back via mobile devices The use of smartphones and tablets has grown exponentially worldwide, pushing the further development of responsive websites and mobile apps high up the 2015 agenda. This also applies to OrangeBuddies Media, with which most Dutch websites already have an app – and with other countries expected to follow soon. The OrangeBuddies team will be expanded with the aim of meeting the technical demands and to further increasing turnover for 2015.

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