Nieuw: Cashback vergelijker energie, internet, verzekering

Energy, internet, and car insurance… These are things we cannot do without, but on which we do not want to spend more money than necessary. A full integration of comparison tools on various cashback websites now enables consumers to save even more money on energy, internet and car insurance. An additional opportunity to save money on the cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media that provide a well-organized comparison, a simple option to switch, and double the advantage with cashback. Cashback comparison car insurance

Comparing with cashback

Thanks to an integration of comparison tools for energy, internet and car insurance, cashback websites such as, and now make it possible to save even more money every month. The integration of comparison tools is a collaboration between Komparu and Pricewise. The advantage to the consumer is that within the cashback platform, a check on the various providers in the market can be performed, combined with the cashback to be received per provider.

Switching easily and immediately

The different comparison tools on the OrangeBuddies Media cashback platforms are easy to use. They allow consumers to check within a few minutes whether their energy, internet, and car insurance providers are still offering the lowest prices and whether or not they are paying too much money for these products. The well-organized comparisons offer an option to switch easily and immediately, while the consumer will also receive a cashback payment. That means saving in twofold!

Saving money online

The cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media are broadly oriented, online shopping platforms that combine several opportunities to save money for the consumer. Therefore, an integration of the latest comparison tools was a logical step. It is currently being examined if other products can also be offered with a comparison tool and whether similar cooperations can be set up for foreign cashback websites such as and

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