New: Gift cards for earned cashback

Last week OrangeBuddies Media introduced a new way for cashout of cashback savings. Earned cashback can be converted to gift cards of wellknown webshops like, Bart Smit, Zalando and Pathe cinemas. This new cashout option responds to wishes of the cashback members and to the ongoing trend where consumers prefer a ‘gift’ for themselves instead of cash, because that’s often spend on householding bills and other monthly fees. Cashout in gifts preferred over cash In 2009 OrangeBuddies Media started her first cashback website in The Netherlands with cash as the only option for pay out of cashback savings. In the following years OrangeBuddies Media opened her own gift shop with nice gadgets and useful products. At this moment members have already earned some millions in total and OrangeBuddies Media received more and more requests from members for cashout in gift cards of wellknown webshops. Although members have the option to pay out larger amounts in cash, an increasing number of members prefer cashout in gifts. When converting the earned cashback into gifts they want to have some free choice, which makes cashout in gift cards so popular. With a gift card you are free to shop whatever you want as long as it is at the selected webshop. The value of the gift cards varies from 10 to 100 Euro. This way it’s accessible for both active cashback members as well as new cashback savers. Uitbetalen in cadeaukaarten More webshop gift cards offers Cashout in gift cards is introduced with just a selected number of webshop gift cards. The current range offers gift cards from wellknown Dutch webshops like, Bart Smit, Tijdschriftenbon, Nature’s Gift, Zalando, Pathe cinemas, Nationale Bloemenbon, Webshop Giftcard and VrijetijdsCard. The results and responses of members will decide whether the current range will be expanded with gift cards of other webshops. In the first week after launching the gift card option a clear shift in cashout is already visible. For now the new gift card cashout option is only available in The Netherlands on Cashbackkorting, iPay, StudentenCashback, NuCash, LadyCashback and EnqueteClub. Later this year the new cashout option will also be launched on other Dutch cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media and perhaps in the future it can be enabled for foreign cashback websites.

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