New: Earning cashback with Online Panel

An additional opportunity for cashback members of OrangeBuddies Media’s cashback websites to earn money: Online Panel. In May 2016, a new international module was launched in partnership with Novio and CINT. Across the whole of Europe, OrangeBuddies members can now earn cashback by completing online surveys. Online Panel cashback websites Consumers who are members of one of OrangeBuddies Media’s cashback websites, for example, or, can simply register for Online Panel on the website. Consumers earn cashback as soon as they register. After registration, the consumer receives an invitation to participate in online surveys a few times a week. Participation is not obligatory and is entirely anonymous. The consumer receives cashback again upon completing their participation in a survey. The amount of extra cashback that consumers can earn with Online Panel can rise quickly. Consumer research provides advertisers and manufacturers with valuable information for the continual development of their products and service delivery, amongs other things. The opinions of consumers are of great value. Novio Research and Cint, the partners with whom OrangeBuddies Media collaborates for its Online Panel, specialise in developing and conducting online research for a wide variety of market parties in different countries. The partnership with OrangeBuddies Media enables them to reach a large group of consumers online and to document an even larger number of valuable opinions and preferences. OrangeBuddies always tries to offer new ways of earning cashback on its cashback websites. The Online Panel is one example of this, but offline cashback and various comparison modules have also recently been added to the OrangeBuddies cashback websites. One of OrangeBuddies’ key objectives is to keep looking for new forms of cashback in collaboration with its cashback members.

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