Integration of SCOUPY cashback initiative

Thanks to a new alliance between OrangeBuddies Media and SCOUPY, members of Dutch cashback websites can now also get their money back offline for various A-level brands products. The full integration of SCOUPY’s cashback initiatives allows members to try out products by brands like Lays, Danone and Mentos for free.

Integratie SCOUPY cashback in OrangeBuddies cashback websites

Cashback platform SCOUPY’s cashback initiatives have recently been fully integrated into the Dutch OrangeBuddies Media cashback websites. This additional service allows members to receive up to 100% cashback for A-level brands. Members buy the product, scan the receipt and are reimbursed for all or a portion of the purchase price. This allows members to try out products by brands like Lays, Danone, Mentos and Verkade for free.

This is OrangeBuddies Media’s first big opportunity to offer cashback services offline as well. The addition of offline cashback to the existing online cashback constitutes a huge increase in the range from which the members of Dutch cashback websites can choose. OrangeBuddies Media strives to provide as wide a variety of cashback opportunities as possible for its members through various platforms. With the full integration of the SCOUPY cashback initiatives, the next step to achieve this aim has now been taken.

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