Black Friday catching up Cyber Monday online

In the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend (25 through 28 November 2016), the number of online purchases via cashback websites this year rose once again. Black Friday, traditionally known as offline day of sales, is really taking off online. Retailers are giving great deals throughout the weekend, including on Black Friday, with spectacular discounts both offline and online. This means Black Friday is no longer loosing online to Cyber Monday.

Black Friday catching up Cyber Monday online

The Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales days have become increasingly well-known internationally in recent years. Although they originated in the US, the phenomenon has crossed the pond, and has taken root with the buying public in Europe too, both offline and online. A few days before Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we saw at OrangeBuddies Media that members were delaying purchases because they know that extremely high discounts are just around the corner. Spending this year during Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend rose by several dozen percentage points in all countries in which OrangeBuddies Media operates relative to spending in the same weekend in 2015.

Black Friday is taking on the online war with Cyber Monday. Spending on Black Friday this year, for instance, has shown a sharp uptick, especially on German and Polish cashback websites, with spending on this day now slightly higher than Cyber Monday. The differences are minimal, as German and Polish cashback members love to shop online on Cyber Monday too. There is barely any difference between these two days of sales in other countries. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Italy, for example, the entire Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend shows a clear spike in sales volumes. Cyber Monday just managed to win this year in France, Sweden and the UK, but given the minimal differences, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen next year.

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