About Us

OrangeBuddies Media is an internationally operating online media company, specialized in (whitelabel) cashback websites and loyalty concepts. Our aim is to provide added value for both consumers and advertisers while shopping online. By means of specific targeting, we help advertisers to reach their marketing goals.


Rapid growth and international range

Since our establishment in 2009, we have experienced a rapid growth. With more than 100 cashback websites in 13 countries, we are the global leader in the field of cashback. Every year, some 8 million consumers shop with our affiliated partners via one of the OrangeBuddies Media websites.


Technical development

Our technical development team of skilled & highly dedicated professionals focus on delivering the best global solutions for our cashback shopping portals. Together we continuously strive to keep on increasing user experience.


Exclusive collaborations

By creating (exclusive) partnerships with advertisers it is possible to establish targeted marketing campaigns. OrangeBuddies Media provides advertisers with an online platform with diverse opportunities to present themselves and to enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

Meet our team

Gijs de Jager


Marjolein Wouters


Arnout Vrieling

Branch Manager Harderwijk Office

Diego Panzeri

Branch Manager Barcelona Office