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Age and gender

If your business caters to a specific demographic group within a particular age range or gender, you can target only those potential customers within our databases.


As the education level tends to influence the consumers buying decisions, it is interesting to target on education level, for example elementary, high school, bachelor or masters.

Family/domestic situation

The family status (single, partner, married, children) and domestic situation (rented vs. owned housing) plays an important role in targeting. Offer your product only to the right people.

Purchase history

When consumers are interested in your products and have bought your product or a similar product before, you might want to reach them specifically for repeat purchases.

Personal interests

Take the personal interests, for example sports, holidays and other leisure activities, of consumers into account when targeting your audience.

Favorite webshops

Reach specifically those consumers of whom we know they are interested in webshops that are related to your products and have the highest purchase potential for your business.

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